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Prefabricated Modular Skid Mounted Systems

Why use prefab skid systems?

Skid mounted systems consist of valves, pressure and temperature transmitters, control systems and pumps custom designed to meet specific applications. When the skid is received in the field it is ready for connecting, commissioning and operations. There are many advantages to utilizing skid mounted systems. They are more economical, costing up to 25% less than build-on-site systems, offer higher quality and greater reliability and allow for single source accountability.

What type of skid systems can Piedmont Energy design and build?

PES manufactures a range of customized skid systems for multiple industries in North and South America. We have utilized skid packages in the design and manufacturing of bulk storage and delivery systems for over 40 years. Our expertise in flammable gas and liquid delivery systems qualifies us to provide the most complex of systems that meet NFPA 30 and 58 Standards. As an independent provider our design engineers will select the pumps, valves and controls that best fit your needs and unique applications/specifications regardless of manufacturer.

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