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Industrial Fluid Bulk Storage & Distribution Systems:

What is an industrial bulk storage system?

A bulk storage system is an integral unit of components designed, fabricated and ASME certified to meet your specifications for storing and distributing large quantities of liquids or non-cryogenic compressed gases. It is delivered onsite ready to install and operate. The essential components of a bulk storage system vary from application to application, but some standard features are:

The storage tank:

(which we provide in a comprehensive range of capacities and PSIG ratings)

The pumps:

(typically positive displacement types are mated to electric motors, all sized on your specific application)

The electrical components:

(typically consisting of the motor starters, control panels and electronic sensors)

The regulating components:

(typically consisting of the valves, gauges, level indicators, thermometers and filters)

Some of the most common applications are:
Large-Scale Compressed Air Systems
Motor Oil Receiving, Storage and Distribution Systems
Transmission Fluid Storage and Distribution Systems

Brake Fluid Storage and Distribution Systems
Pentane Storage Systems

Heptane Storage Systems
Methanol Storage Systems
Diesel Fuel Storage Systems

What sorts of distribution systems can Piedmont Energy Systems design and build?

Piedmont Energy Systems can design, fabricate and install any type of distribution system you might need. This turn-key service allows you to know the entire fixed cost of your new system. It can include everything from subcontracting concrete slabs and fencing to running distribution and manifold piping inside your plant. Our expert engineers can custom tailor your system depending on your current needs, future growth potential and key features you may want included. Typically, this sort of project will involve one of our engineers visiting with you and reviewing your needs and assessing your existing facilities or plans. Total project management from concept to commissioning is focused on customer satisfaction.

Brake Fluid bulk storage system installed in Michigan.

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